Cookies and Scream: 2010 - 2024

Our Daily menu

The Cookies and Scream menu changed daily as we baked fresh each morning and our products changed constantly. Please check out our Instagram page, where we posted regular updates on our products.

Please note

The selected items below were not always available. To avoid disappointment, we advised customers to turn up with an open mind and enjoy whatever was on offer on the day.



Cookies and Scream cookies were big and fun! Packed with wholesome ingredients such as fruit purees and flaxseed. Big sellers included:

Traditional Choc Chip Cookie,
Double Chic Chip,
Hombres (gluten free oats and choc chip),
Chicos (peanut butter and choc chip),
Chiquitas (peanut butter and jam),
Ginger Ninjas,
Cookie Sandwiches (with vanilla frosting).



Gosh! Brownie: our award winning brownie was super chocolatey and moist!

Blondie: from this original recipe came the Blondie, an equally moist treat without the cocoa.

Whiplash: a brownie with added vanilla frosting.



Our pies used the flavours from their range of cookies to create a unique base.

Blue Moon (blueberry),
Chico Pie (peanut butter choc chip),
Peanut Butter Creme,
Da Hui (haupia coconut),
Donnie Darko (choc mint mousse),
Beelzebub (a devilishly good pie).



Cookies and Scream donuts were oven baked instead of fried. Fruit and light flours were used to give them a beautifully moist and soft texture. They were served warm and fresh in a variety of flavours including:

Double Chocolate,
Salted Caramel,
Cinnamon Jam,
Peanut Butter.


Chocolate Treats

Cromags (chocolate pralines),
Dark Angels (with chocolate mousse and caramel),
Ewoks (choc coated cookie bars),
Wookiees (rocky road bars),
Hell in a Shell (a bit like a Creme Egg),
Swiz Bars (a bit like a Twix),
Goo Bars (a bit like a Bounty),
Circle of Tyrants (vanilla choc arctic roll),
Madballs (mini chocolate coated biscuits),
Chocolate Mousse.


Other Treats

Our range of non chocolate treats included:

Elvis Cake (banana and peanut butter),
Screamy Jammy Cookie Bars,
Circle of Tyrants (vanilla arctic roll),
Fruit Crumble,
Bangin' Bakewells,
Lemon Drizzle,
Iced Apple Slices.


Thick 'Scream' Shakes

A unique mixture of vegan and gluten free ice scream and milk was used as a base. Our Brownies or Cookies were then blended into the mixture along with our specially developed sauces. Flavours included:

Chocolate Fudge,
Salted Caramel,
Cookie Dough,
Peanut Butter,
Affogato (with espresso),


Hot Beverages

We also served fresh barista coffee including macchiato, Americano and latte styles made with either soya or oat milk.

We also served a range of teas and hot chocolate.

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