Scream Shake
Cookies and Scream serves delicious shakes whatever the weather. Come rain or shine these tasty beverages are proving to be a very popular treat.

A unique mixture of vegan and gluten free ice scream and milk is used as a base for the shakes. The Cookies and Scream Gosh! Brownie or Cookie are then blended into the mixture. A range of sauces have also been developed, or you can enjoy your shake with fresh fruits of the day.

The Gosh Brownie shake (thick shake mix with a brownie blended in)
Chiquita shake (with peanut butter cookie)
Affogato shake (with a fresh shot of espresso)
Salted caramel shake (includes home made salted caramel mix)
Tofoofoo shake (made with hot toffee sauce)
Cookie Dough shake (with choc chip cookie dough balls)
Shirelle Scream shake (fresh fruits of the day - looks and tastes gorgeous!)